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Most StudeEvents you've attended in one trip?

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  • Most StudeEvents you've attended in one trip?

    So I'm sitting here looking at the "What's Happening" section of Turning Wheels thinking to myself- I need a road trip!!! It has been quite some time since I've gone any great distance in one of my Studes. I miss the days of weekend jaunts, week-long adventures, and month long tours. So some plans are coming together for just such an adventure.
    (see my post in the SDC/Forum discussions for a clue)

    But in the meantime- I got to thinking- I wonder how many other folks make a trip with plans of more then one StudeEvent along the way? By my definition- a StudeEvent is one which would qualify to be listed in SDC's What's Happening- it is StudeRelated, or SDC sponsered. Of course- you'll get bonus points for having made the trip in a Studebaker.

    So what is the highest number of StudeEvents you have managed to attend in one trip?

    One example I have is a trip I made with Sweet Pea back in September 2001. I managed to hit the Tri-State Meet in North Carolina, the Stude Nat'l Museum in South Bend, and the PureStock Muscle Car Drags up in Michigan.

    What other examples are out there folks?
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