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    I'll miss the adventures of John, Tracy and the kids.
    It was fun to watch a family enter the hobby...and we need folks like that in the old car and Studebaker world.

    Hopefully, they'll stay in touch and re-enter the friendly world of Studes, the SDC and Forum when they can.
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      Thank you John and Tracey for your update. Your post is very much the reason I started this thread. It's good to pull over to the side of the road and try to repair the damage we do in our rush to be in the fast lane entitled "me first, I'm right and your wrong and I'm the all knowing authority lane" and look to see how many we've run over. Many have been bleseed with an amazing ability to do wonderful things to old cars and a vast amout of knowledge. As stewards of this information, it should be shared with passion and compassion with those who are not as blessed, not used as a weapon to humililate, discourage, and contradict.
      I wonder if anyone feels the shame I feel after having read the Smith Family's update?


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        Originally posted by kamzack View Post
        I wonder if anyone feels the shame I feel after having read the Smith Family's update?
        As they stated in their explanation, it had nothing to do with the Forum, but with fellow members in their chapter, and more importantly, the welfare of their children have to come first. Therefore, no one here should feel shame for their emotional decision, but instead, be happy for them. Our chapter has been in active existence for over 30 years now. We have seen a few members who are like John & Tracy. These families were very active in the formation of the chapter back in the late 1970's and early '80s'. By the end of the decade, these members dropped off the radar, only to re-join again some 20 years later. They have since rejoined as they are their kids have grown and left home, and need something to do. These ones are now more active than ever! What I do want to see is John and Tracy NOT let their SDC membership lapse in the meantime. 20 years from now, they will have something to look back on and read; not to mention, a 20 year pin to show for their enthusiasm we saw in Glendale.

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          Glad you are still alive

          Originally posted by pdrnec View Post
          Nice to hear from you, Dick. Glad you're well.

          Wish I could have articulated it as well as you did - thanks for that.
          Glad to hear you are still alive, Dick. It is getting sad to read about so many long-term members of the SDC passing away.


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            Originally posted by TomB View Post
            Glad to hear you are still alive, Dick. It is getting sad to read about so many long-term members of the SDC passing away.
            The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
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              John and Tracy, nice to hear your ok, as being one of the first to get you into a Studebaker I feel I know you a little and a little sorry the one you got was not one that would fit your need, but as the troopers you are you moved ahead found a new home for the car and got a better one to drive and enjoy, I too took a break from Studebakers years back, I got into them and the club in 1968 and was going to every thing we could afford to, but around 1975 my children said it was time for them to start enjoying other things kid want to do so we stopped and started doing other thing, like buy a cabin in the mountains where we could all enjoy the way each wanted some up on the mountain side in the winter, some fishing in the streams and lakes in the summer and what ever else one might want to do away from city life, in 1993 with the kids off and running in their own direction I got back into the Studebakers and as most of you member that know me I got into big time, still have the cabin and the 4 kids and 6 grand children and some Studebakers with only one of the grand kids really into them and he wants them all, my son-in-law is a Studebaker member but right now he has no Studebakers with his last 2 going to Australia so he could buy a more dependable truck for every day work, he would with out any question and in a heart beat take the blue 53 custom but Clayton says over my dead body, one thing I have always said that if something is meant to be, it will be, so here's hopping we will see you and your family back when the time is right.
              Castro Valley,