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    I've missed reading about the adventures of John and Tracy with thier three Studebakers. I hope all is well with them. Always fun to read of thier experiences.

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    I also miss John and Tracy 'round here~

    along with a host of others who have left us in the past few months/years.

    I also hope all is well with those folks.

    Drop in when you can guys/gals!!!
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    3rd Generation Stude owner/driver
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      Last week I did a search and came across one of her posts and wondered the same thing.

      Great minds think alike.

      Hope they're okay...
      63 Avanti R1 2788
      1914 Stutz Bearcat
      (George Barris replica)

      Washington State


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        John and Tracy also Dick Steinkamp, is he working on another project yet? The 63 Daytona and UTE were fun projects to watch!!!
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          Dick's gone on to other things - other makes, that is. I could say why, but I won't. Same with Gary Hearn and his real and substantive knowledge. And what about Barnlark? Well, I know why he's gone as well, but it's not my place to say why. I'm not the "mouthpiece" for absent members as some have been in the past. I guess I AM free to assure all that the aforementioned are alive and well.

          BTW - I know nothing of why John & Tracy & kids are not here. I wish them well, wherever they are.
          No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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            If you don't like Studebakers this isn't the place for you! I wish them well as well. I'd rather fix than switch!!


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              I am still in contact with Dick up in Bellingham, WA. He is alive and well and will always be connected to Studes because of his incredible restoration of the '53 Kart Hauler.
              Tim-'53 Starlight Commander Custom in Yuma, AZ


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                I have missed people who were on here too. There does not seem to be as many projects being discussed as a couple of years ago. The sad fact is, most of us do not have the funds or facilities to keep a project moving for a regular post. The projects, like the Kart Hauler, generate a lot of excitement and forum activity while they are in progress. Also, members who are in search of a car or truck and tell about the search and acquisition create a certain buzz, but after the vehicle is safely home things slow down.
                "In the heart of Arkansas."
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                1952 2R pickup


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                  Periodically, when I am looking for info it takes me to a topic that was discussed some time ago. When I look at the responders it causes me to notice that frequently they are/were great contributors who have become missing from the various topics curently at hand.
                  "Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional." author unknown


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                    Originally posted by Roscomacaw View Post
                    Dick's gone on to other things - other makes, that is. I could say why, but I won't. Same with Gary Hearn and his real and substantive knowledge. And what about Barnlark? Well, I know why he's gone as well, but it's not my place to say why. I'm not the "mouthpiece" for absent members as some have been in the past. I guess I AM free to assure all that the aforementioned are alive and well.
                    I can confirm that I am alive and well

                    It was tons of fun here for me for several years. I have many good friends thanks to this forum that I try my best to stay in touch with. They would be friends one way or another even if the Studebaker Brothers were never born, but it was Studebakers that brought us together. I still poke in every now and then...I can't help it.

                    The forum changed a couple of years ago. It was ALL about Studebakers, parts, problems, solutions, networking, and friendships. Unfortunately, it became a personal political, religious, and social issue blog for a few of the members here. The inclusion of the Stove Huggers Forum was probably the beginning of the end for me. It seemed to give "permission" to those that see politics everywhere to post their opinion on a whole slew of divisive topics...mostly with a negative and hateful tone. There is still plenty of good Studebaker talk going on here. It just isn't worth it to me to put up with a forum "culture" that I don't enjoy. I am as politically active as any concerned citizen, but mixing politics and cars doesn't work (for me) .

                    I honestly didn't expect this culture to develop in a moderated forum sponsored by a car club eager to attract new members. About half the people in the US (maybe the world?) consider themselves conservative and the other half liberal. Most are pretty polarized about their political beliefs. Similarly, if you take any hot button topic that I have seen posted here, about half the population will be adamantly for it and half adamantly against it. Posts on these subjects don't do anything to develop friendships and common purpose. A portion of new, potential members read these posts and decide this is not the culture they want to be a part of. Some existing members (like me) get tired of the same folks with the same non-Studebaker agendas hammering their political, religious and social message, take the cowards way out and just leave. The rules to post on this forum are well stated and proper for a forum of this type. It surprises me that they are not enforced. I think it would be good (and wise) of the SDC to do so. To an outsider, it can appear that we are a club of grumpy, old, hate filled, white guys. Not that attractive to many.

                    I'm glad to see StudeBob back here. He is a bigger man than I am (in more ways than one ). The culture he established for this forum when it was in its infancy was spot on. Thanks, Bob. I can only hope that culture returns here one day.

                    I'm still doing cars. Lately, I've been into MGBs. They were only made between 1962 and 1980, but like Studebakers, have a loyal and active following including an excellent forum. Here's a link to it...


                    You won't find politics, religious or hot button topics here...and somehow the membership keeps growing and they seem to have a good time...strange. It's a moderated forum, but I rarely see the moderator have to delete a post.

                    Same with Studebaker Truck Talk...


                    ...except it is UNmoderated. The members have enough respect for each other that they leave politics out. Somehow they still have fun.

                    It CAN happen again here. A combination of enforcing the rules already in place, members having enough respect for each other NOT to continue to post divisive topics, and maybe even the membership here pushing back when it happens to let those posters know it is not appreciated by the majority (if that is the case).

                    Those that were part of the original Studebaker forum,, know that it is a slippery slope when politics creep into a forum. The theory there was that members that didn't like certain topics just shouldn't read them and those that didn't like certain posters should just block them. It didn't work. After many good years of talkin' Studebakers, the trolls won. The forum went down in flames and no longer exists (to the best of my knowledge). I would sure hate for the same thing to happen here.

                    That's my 2 cents (maybe 4 cents since I have been so wordy). Studebakers are great cars and worthy of a great forum.
                    Dick Steinkamp
                    Bellingham, WA


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                      Nice to hear from you, Dick. Glad you're well.

                      Wish I could have articulated it as well as you did - thanks for that.


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                        In my opinion there is/was no need for a Stovehuggers Forum here. Plenty of other places to go on the net for that sort of thing. This should have stayed strictly a Studebaker Forum. I very seldom visit Stovehuggers for the reasons stated by Dick above. Just my 2 cents.
                        Frank van Doorn
                        Omaha, Ne.
                        1962 GT Hawk 289 4 speed
                        1941 Champion streetrod, R-2 Powered, GM 200-4R trans.
                        1952 V-8 232 Commander State "Starliner" hardtop OD


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                          Hi Dick,
                          Good to hear from you!! And I as many others have missed your posts and pictures of the cars that you have done over the years.
                          Good to hear that your doing well.
                          Please stay in touch!
                          George King
                          Grants Pass, Oregon
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                          64 Wagonaire sliding roof South Bend car. For Sale...

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                            Thank you, Mr. Steinkamp,
                            Your comments have a great deal more value than you've stated. I'd say priceless. You are one hundred percent correct and what you've stated is most of the reason I started this thread. I knew that a compassionent car guy would readbetween the lines. I rarely post or respond , because someone is is always waiting to slam ya. I don't even go to the tech side anymore for fear of giving a helpful answer that will lead to my being made to feel stupid for giving my input. Not real encourageing for someone who's fooled with Studes for nearly 50 years. and I'd say not veryinviting to a new person to Studes. I sold my last Studebaker back in June and gave away a 63 Lark that had been in my family since new back in Feb. I belong to another forum and folk there are committed car folk, interested in keeping the brand on the road. We don't have judged car shows either, just enjoy the people and cars. Studebakers have been in my family for 51 years until last June.


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                              Very well said Dick.

                              Real nice to hear from you again.