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Write up for "starlight studebaker"

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  • Write up for "starlight studebaker"

    Well, this is a write up for the company we all know Starlight. I ordered a seat cover from them as some of you know.I was told there was a stain on it so they gave me one hell of a price.I bought it and after it got here a couple weeks later (It took so long because they are teachers I believe and education comes first in my book and you guys are doing a good job!) I get the cover yesterday.All I got to say is WOW the cover looks 1000% better than I ever thought! the stain as they said is so faint I have a hard time seeing it. I am a mechanic ( I know stains lol) I see it but it is like I said so faint you ant see it unless you really look and know it is there! THANK YOU BOTH FOR GOOD SERVICE AND BEING A " HONEST" COMPANY! from 1-10 I give them a strong "10" for the product and communication!,and will do business again when I am in again thank you.

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    Excellent, Dan. 'Good to read this. Will and Lori Sander are the nicest people you could ever hope to meet, and your experience testifies to that opinion.

    Thanks for posting. BP
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      My pleasure