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Fair Grounds - Concours location and question w/pic

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  • Fair Grounds - Concours location and question w/pic

    I'm interested in knowing from others, if and where there is an elevated location that oversees the area in which Studes will be staged for the Concours?

    I'd like to do some time lapse photography of everyone entering the fairgrounds or at least entering the main show/display area.

    2nd. Those who have attended or judged the meets, what is the average time it takes to get everyone entered and parked? 30 min, 45min etc?? helps my math, Best guess is ok.

    And last, if anyone wants to take liberty with the below picture and place an x or number on potential photo sites that would help greatly since I'm not familiar with the area. Thanks, I hope to use this in a video/slideshow if all works out.


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    Someone on the Meet Committee will have to enlighten you as to where they will have the Show and Display Cars entering the field. It has normally been off one of the fairgrounds entrances on Jackson Road, which runs horizontally across the top of the photograph.

    If you want to position yourself in one place to capture all the show and display cars entering, you'll need a relief can. That's because you'd want to be positioned at that location without interruption for a full two hours, in my opinion.

    Those entrances along Jackson Road are all relatievely flat; no natural mounds or dramatically-raised areas to accommodate your need. I'd suggest bringing and assembling on site a large platform you could set up to elevate yourself once you had determined which entrance they will be using. That will be known weeks in advance, if it isn't already. BP
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      Here ya go with what i know
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        Thank you gentleman.

        Bob your right, It would be neat to time lapse the whole event, I don't think my better half would want to dedicate that kind of time with a relief can as I browsed the field . cranky is not happy.

        All kidding aside, it seems the show field is very flat, and the logistics of renting and setting up scaffolding for such a small part of a video may not be worth it for this particular Meet.
        (from an elevated position)

        Seems some ground work and maybe a M or R series flat bed not going anywhere for awhile will do the trick.
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