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  • Part needed

    The filler pipe going into the gas tank of my '53 Commander is rusty on the inside and I would like to replace it. Can anyone tell me where I might be able to buy another pipe?

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    If you cant find one, I bet a good muffler shop could fab one up easily enough. All they would have to do is weld the cap opening to a piece of tube.
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      You may be able to find a used one if you look long enough. A muffler shop can make one but, function here is more critical than appearance. You say it is "rusty on the inside." Does that mean it is not rusted through? If it is, braze it or weld it. If it is not, just clean it out and be happy.
      It's not a complicated piece. I can't imagine a filler neck so far gone as to be unrepairable.
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        I have a good used one.
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          I think I will coat it with POR 15 tank Sealer.