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Another R-10 resurrected... how great are these old Sudebakers?

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  • Roscomacaw
    Cool Story, Bill. I saved a few Georgia outcasts in the 14 years I lived there. Of course, I've rescued a number of them in California as well. Always makes you wonder WHY they were abaindoned in the first place!

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  • FlatheadGeo
    A one word reply: YES!!!!! Lots of future fun, enjoy!

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  • Another R-10 resurrected... how great are these old Sudebakers?

    I recently acquired a '49 R10 from a field in GA. It spent it's years as a farm truck and shows it...lots of repairs done with a torch and a welder, body dented, boken glass, wiring eated by know the story.

    About 30 years ago somebody put a '48 Commander 226" with OD in it, ran it for a couple of years and then parked it and it hasn't run since. Somebody tried to put 12 battery and coil in it 15 years ago but gave up on it wen it wouldn't.

    The engine was free when I got it so I soaked the plugs for 3 days with rust remover, pulled the plugs and put some oil in each cylinder, A change of oil, new plugs, points, cap, rotor, 6v coil, 6v battery cables and a 6v battery from NAPA, a set of wires from SI and a hot wire job for the ignition had it ready to start, or so I hoped.

    I poured some gas down the carb and jumpered the starter 3 seconds it started right up! I hooked up a tempory fuel supply, primed it again and within 15 seconds it was idling on its own; after blowing out a huge cloud of blue smoke, it cleared up and idled with 40 lbs of oil pressure.

    This is my 46th Sude and the the fourth one I've dragged out of a field since 1964, and everyone of them started right up after a little work. Don't you just love these old Studes?