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Watching for a '51 Commander convertible

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  • Watching for a '51 Commander convertible

    Hi all--

    Anyone know of a '51 Commander droptop in excellent nick on the market? I'm keeping an eye out for one...not for me, of course, but for a local Lincoln guy who is partial to that particular Stude. (He also likes GT Hawks, one of which would doubtless be easier to find than the '51 V8 vert!)


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    'Saw this one on the transport just the other day, Steve. 'Headed for downtown Chicago, as I recall.

    'Hope you can find it quick before they salt the streets! <GGG> BP

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      The last restored one that I knew changed hands for more than $30K and that was several years ago.
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        there is a very nice turn key candy apple red resto-rod here, priced in the 30's
        Barry'd in Studes


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          Can't sell him on a 52 2 door hard top huh ?



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            Wasn't there one on "Eye Candy" this past week. Nov.30th.
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              Nope, 'twas me posted that one! It was a beauty...but it was a Champion, and the Lincoln gent desires a Commander (V8).

              The restomod suggestion made me grin: the Lincoln guy is quite a purist, to the extent I get considerable entertainment from watching his eye-rolling reaction to the many photos I have of rods...He's after a stock, loaded '51 V8 vert, and quite content to wait till he finds the exact right car. I won't be surprised if he gets himself a GT Hawk in the interim as he likes those too and they're way easier to find than V8 '51 verts.