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  • Try to find the Mad Doodler

    Can anyone PM me a phone number for Steve Grant the "Mad Doodler"?

    In advance, thanks a bunch.

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    PM sent.
    Dave Lester


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      Below is important & useful information from our soon-to-be-leaving SDC Webmaster posted yesterday concerning PM'ing & Pinging someone through the SDC Forums.

      Unfortunately he, by his own actions, had to post that important & useful information way down on the seldom used "SDC and Forum Discussions"

      Originally posted by BShaw
      The Private Messaging feature is working as it should. There should be no "hit or miss". If one doesn't get a response to a PM it's for other reasons, like it hasn't been read (you can request a "read" notification); they don't want to reply; they have chosen to not receive PMs in their account settings; they have changed their email address and didn't update it in their forum account; their PM in/sent boxes are full (but you should get a notice if that's the case).

      Whether or not to receive Emails, PMs and/or PM notifications by email is a user-selectable choice in Settings>My Settings>General Settings.

      WARNING: when/if you get a PM notification email it clearly states "DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL". You are to log in and go to your PM Inbox to reply. Replying to the automated "notification" email goes to Forum Administrator NOT the person who initiated the PM.

      The same goes for "thread subscription notifications" and even to "birthday" emails....replying to those also go to the admin who will unceremoniously (out of necessity) delete them.

      Lastly, PLEASE do NOT make a habit of "pinging" other members via a forum post as has been suggested. It just defeats the PM purpose and clogs up the forum unnecessarily.


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        Having been so informed, I shall continue to respond to requests for assistance from others as I see fit, thank you so very much.
        Dave Lester


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          Originally posted by Studedude View Post
          Having been so informed, I shall continue to respond to requests for assistance from others as I see fit, thank you so very much.
          That's.... Right!

          Bout time we got rid of the "ain't", ain't it?


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            I believe I understand the intent of that pasted message, but is a single line post of "pm sent ****" actually going to clog the forum?
            We really need to change the rules then and I should be totally banned from even logging on. And ALL comedic and NON Stude threads should be deleted. Brief Q&A only on Stude related topics.
            Not everyone is website savy and up until a year or 2 ago I had never even been on a Forum. It took me a while to figure out what a "notification" was or how to access them. I am sure there are people on here that dont even know we have that feature and have wondered "what is a PM?" So a little ping is helpful at times, and that is what I thought this site was

            Also, I did not get any mention that my PM box was full until someone PINGED me and told me a while back. This site has VERY small inbox storage capacity and with no notification that it is full, how would I know if someone sent me a new one. Then once I delete some old ones, the unreseved new one does NOT come thru the original sender has to RE-send it. He has to PING me to let me know.

            I agree that everytime a PM is sent a person should not post "PM sent" on the thread, but there is definately a time and a place. If that post was PURELY random, then thanks for that. But with the added RED highlight it felt pretty directed at Studedude and may have been better as a PM itself.

            Thanks for all of your responds to my request for info.

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