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Eye Candy 11/30/11: 51 Champion Regal convertible

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    I like em all ! Prefer the 50 tho.
    Really like the guards when its an original car but they dont work for me. my car came with all kinds of parts and I have a 51 sheetmetal bumper pan I'm considering using (shortened up)
    and fit to a custom front bumper that I also havent figured out yet.

    I do have the parts and I have spent a fair amount of time daydreaming about it though.

    Its all good fun.


    Ps. After a second look I notice no beltline trim on a vert,

    Opinions ?
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      Originally posted by studegary View Post
      Yes, I know. I only said through 1951 because that is what the direct question was about. I included the 1947-1951 part to indicate the earlier postwar convertibles (with the same body style). Of course, Studebaker also had earlier and later convertibles.
      Yes Gary, I KNOW better than to try to correct you.

      I was providing more info for KMAC who is new here and wanting to learn about Studes.
      (read it backwards)

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