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Pop Quiz: Where is the first Studebaker....

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  • Pop Quiz: Where is the first Studebaker.... the 2011 Hot Rod DeLuxe annual now on newsstands?

    It is "to be displayed until January 10, 2012" or thereabouts; I forgot the exact day in January. Across the bottom of the front cover it screams, "The Best of The Best"

    Two NOS, unused Studebaker Corporation Red Ball letterhead envelopes will be sent to the first person posting the correct answer to these two questions:

    1. On what page of the 2011 Hot Rod DeLuxe annual does the first identifyable Studebaker appear?

    2. What model year Studebaker is it?

    (Question #2 is necessary so people don't just start posting page numbers until they hit the right one without looking at the magazine. Previous quiz/envelope winners: Please refrain from participating. I don't have many of these envelopes left. Thanks.)

    This will give you something to do if you have to accompany Wife/GF Christmas shopping to be a good sport and want to wander over to the newsstand and read magazines. <GGG> BP
    We've got to quit saying, "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

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