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dash bezel colors?

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  • dash bezel colors?

    I pulled out the gauge cluster from my dash board today.
    Very nice simple project. I brought it in the house to strip it down and prep for paint since it is chilly and close to raining here today....chilly if mid 50s is chilly to you, it is in Cali anyway.

    There is the gauge panel is in good shape and will just get a shot of almond paint like the wheels lock ring, and the dash board itself will get the reddish orange of my wheel centers. Now on the gauge cluster itself there is a chrome bezel, then a glass payne that has the numbers on it, then there is a sheetmetal plate that has the slots and openings to see the needles thru it, then finally there is a retainer cover that the individual gauges mount into and it is the cap that holds it all in together.

    My question is, on the sheet metal panel and on the retaining cover they are painted black, but then there is a light minty green paint on weird angles. Is this stuff just to add reflectivity for the dash lights?

    It looks to me like there is just 3 dash light bulbs and they are in the back of the actual speedometer/odometer gauge itself. My guess is that those little lights neeeds to shine way out to the end amp and temp gauges so the paint the ends of these panel a light color to help carry the light farther out?

    Is this paint actually a glow in the dark type of paint? Amost looks like it could be.

    I know there are some glow paints out there, has anyone found a good one that replicates whatever this is?
    Is it neccesary? Has anyone done all black or all white?