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  • simonsen sun wing help

    i recently purchased a 50 champion from a kid that letting it sit and rot. I'm trying to get it back together and figure out what all it needs and my first problem has come up he removed a simonsen sun wing and disassembled it. I wish to put it back on buti can't figure out how it mounted to the roof and the piece is missing on both sides. if anyone has a picture of the mounts that would be a great help or a site that has parts? any help would be helpful

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    I can not help on the parts. Is that a sun visor? Over the top of the windshield on the outside?

    Side note, welcome to the site. Glad to see someone new saving a cool car.


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      Just pulled a picture off the web. Apparently, Simonsen Metal Products of Chicago was producing sun visors similar to Fulton in the forties and fifties.

      If Badstu could post a photo of what he's got we may be able to determine if the hardware is available.
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