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    My future workshop is located in the area of town known as NoMo (North of Morrison Dr.) Across the street is a 1920's Esso office bldg. that has been slated to become an artists' colony. I gutted our bldg. a few years ago with the aid of the '64 Champ. It has a 289 4bbl & 3 speed OD. It has since been sold & has been painted red. My new truck is a '63 with a 259 4bbl Edelbrock & A T.
    Today I whitewashed the front & painted the address on the bldg. We're planning a yard sale Dec. 10 to help raise funds for renovation. Doors & windows would be a much needed improvement! Our sale includes vintage door knobs (crystal & porcelain) shutters, transoms, lamps, garden gates & more.
    Behind this 800 sq. ft. bldg sits a 2 storey block bldg. about 1200 sq. ft. Old maps show that this was a post Civil War subdivision with 12 houses front to back with shared outhouses. We had the last 2 houses demolished after they had fires. Our bldgs. are circa 1950.

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    Robert, I really like your Champ (I just love Champs to death) and like seeing pics of on the job still <G>
    Joseph R. Zeiger