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  • 62 Hawk

    My automatic transmission will not shift into the final gear! The fluid level is fine and there is no other functions not working. I drove it a couple of miles just to check it out. With the engine running this fast the fan sounds like I am ready to take off.

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    I did not mean to post so big! At least no one will need reading glasses!


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      Have you had this car very long? Has it always been like this for you? I also have a 1962 Hawk with automatic that sounds like this, but it is because it is not equipped with overdrive like all of today's automobiles thus making the engine run high RPM's at highway speeds. Furthermore, it is a 3-speed tranny but it starts out in 2nd gear and therefor only shifts once (into 3rd gear). If this is not your trouble, then perhaps the shift linkage is out of adjustment and therefor you are unable to select 'Drive'?
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        How many fan blades?
        My 4-blade '62 Hawk you hear the engine.
        My 5-blade '62 Hawk you hear a P-38.

        Both cars have the same drivetrain, save for TT in one.
        FWIW, new hood insulation helped considerably in lowering volume, if not tone.
        62 GT


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          My 6 bladed 62 GT sounded like the air inlet of a Boeing 727 engine. What rear end are you running? The rear end has a small tag on one of the cover bolts that has the rear end ratio on it.