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Floor Rubber mating?

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    C-Cab Floor Mats

    Of course as most C-cab owners know (those with floor shifters), rubber mats for anything but the column shift trucks are "unobtanium". There was a move in 2010 to have some reproduced, but Chuck Collins (who was looking into it) advised the per unit price was far too high for the expected number of sales. I know at the Stude Truck Farmer's meeting at the 2010 International meet we had a list of around 50 C-cab owners who were willing to put up money towards this.

    Too bad, I and many other C-Cab owners with the larger transmission hump could sure use the proper rubber mat!
    Mark Hayden
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      Sorry to hear that Mark. I didnt think I could get one for mine, so I am very happy to hear that they exist. Seems like it could not be that hard to press a different shape, but I am not a molder.


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        Originally posted by kmac530 View Post
        That number is not coming up in the parts index at all Bob. Let me guess, the Stude script for the sides of the hood?
        yep. that part # 652720 (without the "W"), is in their old catalog - at $65 each - but not in the new cat...
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          Bob was giving me a hard time about not having those the other day when I posted my ugly pics thread. I will find some somewhere hopefully. I think "used" is in my future at $65 ea. I dont want anything TOO shiny...on rusty old Oscar.