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    Originally posted by Bob Andrews View Post
    Here's the car I mentioned in my above post #23 above, taken August '07:

    'Couldn't be the same car, Bob. The car Rick had in South Bend had absolutely no top; the bows were rusted but still usable. Further, "your" car, here, looks twice as solid! <GGG> BP

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      Originally posted by Nelsen Motorsports View Post
      There is a 63 Lark 4-door 259 auto in town with only 54,000. This thing has been sitting outside for 4 years getting covered with mildew. The car is still nice though and could use a refreshening (buffing). The only thing it really needs is a new trunk lid and a tune-up. The floors are SOLID and the interior is nice. I would buy it, but I already have enough on my plate.
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        Dads 62 GT was a show winner when he bought it in the late 70's. We kept it several years until we lost our storage and chose to liquidate the car rather than see it sit outside (in fact Dad would not make a deal with the eventual buyer until he had investigated and determined the car would be stored indoors, heated and cooled). When the car resurfaced and was sold years later it still looked like new. Its next owner was not so enthralled with it and the last time I saw it it had spent the last 5 or 6 years sitting under a large tree and had no floors, rockers, or quarters left to speak of, but was F/S for only $12,500. I passed on it and it disappeared shortly thereafter. Steve


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          There are also a lot of 'project' cars that have been passed from SDC member to SDC member for years. Each new owner would do a little bit (add some NOS/new parts, rebuild old parts, etc) and then on to someone else. Sometimes these cars never see the road again.............

          These days, with parts/labor costs what they are, these cars sometimes are not viable candidates to complete due to the cost and end up being parted. At least they help other Studebakers stay on the road.

          I have two that probably fit into this category (all right, maybe more) -- the parts worth much more than their value as a (partially) complete car. It's a hard decision to shoot a car in the head that you have protected (and hoped to finish) for 20 years...........
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            Originally posted by r1lark View Post
            this category -- the parts worth much more than their value as a (partially) complete car.(
            That pretty much describes most Avantis that need paint and interior.....
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              I just remembered the '56 President I bought out of a barn in Alabama in the 70s - it's the car I wrote about in "My romance with the President" tale. I eventually sold that car to a co-worker who had been bugging me for it. He took it on several long trips and maybe owned it 5 or 6 months before it's crankshaft broke in two. It went to a junkyard thereafter and I'm fairly certain it never escaped eventual crushing.
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