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Avanti wheel? Don't think so.

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  • Avanti wheel? Don't think so.

    Hi All,

    Visited a friend today and he showed me an early 70s Firestone wheel display he purchased at a "junk" sale. It's a Firestone LXX and there's a web site that goes into real detail. My friend said the wheel was used on the Stutz and the Avanti. I didn't find any connection to Avanti but thought some of you might know. Fun history on the wheel and worth reading.

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    John Brayton

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    Looks like a tire off the wife's car! LOL!!!
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      No way that was on a contemporary Avanti. The Blackhawk was based on a Pontiac Grand Prix platform...wrong bolt circle to fit an Avanti, at least through 1985. If the wheel happened to be on a later, Monte Carlo based Avanti...possible, but wouldn't have been intended as such. It would have simply been a wheel some owner installed.
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        Most, if not all of the 70-83s Stutzes had wires.
        Here's a friends car in Indy.

        I suppose it could have been from one of the very early or prototype cars in the late 60s...but few were made so the odds are against it.
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          Here's that wheel on a Stutz: