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Finally a few ugly pics

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  • Finally a few ugly pics

    Well here is where Oscar is at these days. On the wheels, rolling, brakes inside the drums done {no MC yet n some plumbing left} and most stuff working like door handles and hood latches.

    I am still trying to figure out how to post pics directly, but just click on the link and see them all.

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      I thought you said something about ugly? I LOVE it!! Please don't EVER paint that! It looks just as a proud old truck should
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        Geez Kelly - that's a cool 2R. Good ol' Oscar!
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          That is NOT ugly. I love the freshly pained wheels with the rust and patina. What are your plans for the back?
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            I agree, I love the red wheels and the patina! No more paint. What a neat ol Truck. Now you got to keep us updated on progress. Sometime in your wanderings you need to stop and see Janson in Fullerton on Orangethorpe and his ol truck. Simlair patina, but an R2 truck with an R3 in it....... a real sleeper. AND Jason is a great guy.



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              That's one handsome truck!


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                Another vote for beauty as-is. Of course, make it how you like it, that's what matters. But someday I'd like to have one just like it!
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                  Didn't the guys on Spike TV's "Trucks" go to a lot of work and expense to make a truck look like that?

                  What are your plans for the bed?
                  Jeff DeWitt


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                    Most people would kill to find one that good.
                    Keep it as is and use it for pure fun!
                    Good Roads

                    Brian Woods
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                      Originally posted by kmac530 View Post
                      I am still trying to figure out how to post pics directly, but just click on the link and see them all.
                      Kelly: Since you already have the photos in photobucket, it's real easy to post them directly.

                      1. Go to your photobucket account.

                      2. Find the picture you want to post.

                      3. Hover your cursor over the picture. The drop-down menu below it will appear.

                      4. Move your cursor down to the last option, where it says img

                      5. Left-click your mouse and it will say copied.

                      6. Go to the forum where you want to post the picture.

                      7. Right click your mouse and then left-click on paste when that option drops down. The link to your picture will appear as a worded post (no picture).

                      The reference you post will look like this, but will have the upper-case letters [IMG] on either end of it. (I left them off or else the photo would appear when I posted this!)


                      8. Whenever you open that topic, the actual picture will appear.

                      Trust me; there are few guys on this forum as computer illiterate as me. If I can do it, even a cave man can do it.

                      And FWIW, I concur with the other posters. The patina is wonderful; preserve the truck as is! BP
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                        Looks done to me. Perfect as is.


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                          The cab is done. I never planned on painting it. I love the patina as is. I am considering brushing it off and running a buffer over it to bring the green parts back a bit and then clear coating the whole thing just to seal it up to where it is. They have a hot rod clear, that is what they used on that "Trucks" old school thing they did, that does not add any real shine, more of an invisible sealer.

                          The bed is going to be a Flat bed, but I am contemplating some short side gates for a low stake bed look. I am already all designed on the bed. It will not be carrying 1.5 tons of hay or grain anymore so I am not too worried about it being strong enough. I think my idea will be plenty strong.

                          I am going to use 4x4 PT stringers {PT is the green pressure treated that looks like it had 1000s of staples in it} that will just have the arch over the axle cut out of it. Then the rivets for cross members will be counter sunk so that the 4x4 will sit dead flat on the frame rails. The arch over the axle is about 2.25" tall so that will leave me about an inch and a half over the arch, leaving me a flat surface running front to back. I plan on cutting off the frame rails right where the taillights are to remove the huge bumper and shorten the frame 6-8". Then on top of the 4x4 stringers I am going to run 2x6 PT crossways on top of the 4x4s. So my bed lumber will run sideways across the bed rather than length wise like most, you know my penchant for "different". Then to stiffen that all up I am going to border the 2x6 bed area with some 1-1/2" x3" x 1/4" angle iron that will have 2 carriage bolts in each plank and will be mittered and welded at the corners so that the bed will have a solid HD metal edge frame. That will also keep the planks from warping and will stiffen the bed alot, and give me an edge to weld up brackets for the stake pockets once I figure out what I want on that.

                          Coolest part for me about doing the bed this way is that I am going to end up with a 3.5" tall x 35" wide pocket the full length of the bed. Hmmm what would a motorcycle FREAK like me do space like that? You got it, I am building a full length slide out motorcycle ramp. Think of the aluminum pullout ramps on the U-Haul moving vans. Wide enough to ride right up the ramp safely or push a bike up the ramp while waking up with it rather than have to try to step up onto the bed like most of us do with traditional narrow MC ramps. The PT lumber is a greenish color and will look good on the truck and it will weather nicely to look old quickly and will hold up well to weather in the long run. Alot of guys say NO use hardwood...Nahh. If I dont like the PT, it is really cheap, I can change it to Hardwood later.

                          I am really excited you guys all seem to like the direction I am going.

                          Here are the next few things I am ordering: Rims- Tubless Drop centers-Still redish orange with an almond cream outter lip-They are the black ones in the link


                          Since I can get those rims in 15" for the fronts, I am running these tires on the fronts-


                          I am pretty sure I will use al Black walls to accent the cream rim edge.
                          Then I am undecided on the rears. Help me out with your Opinions. These are cool looking but the link says tube required, but I can get a very similar tire that is tubless, but this look-


                          I like that dirt tracker look since I grew up at Ascot. But I also really like these next ones for the hot rod look, they are not quite as wide as the look in this pic-


                          What do you guys/gals think?


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                            Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that color was called Iriquois Blue. That's the color my 2R-17 was.
                            No deceptive flags to prove I'm patriotic - no biblical BS to impress - just ME and Studebakers - as it should be.


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                              Originally posted by Roscomacaw View Post
                              Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that color was called Iriquois Blue. That's the color my 2R-17 was.
                              Studebaker called my trucks color "Blue"? Your tint is off on your computer then, you printer is out of yellow ink, you need to see and eye doctor, OR someone at Stude was color
                              My truck could not be more Green that this. I like to think of things in primary colors as a base. True Red, True Yellow, and True Blue...then what is the mix. My truck is 50/50 True Blue/ True Yellow imho.

                              No one like my rims and tires huh? Nothing good to say, dont say