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    Here's a nice way to 'dress up' an already outstanding ('62-'64 GT Hawk) dashboard......install the stainless windshield garnish mouldings from a '55-'56 President Speedster, Sky, or Golden Hawk!


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      Originally posted by 8E45E View Post
      Not unless he finds this one-off 1963 'Black Hawk' show car: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ght=black+hawk

      Then he can have his refrigerator white interior.

      Ah Craig! You read my mind! It was the Black Hawk show car that made me think of special ordering white interiors. Like the infamous Palma-Rhodes one-off 56 Golden, with seats made out of leather--white Italian leather. Black cars look so good (I had a black 60 Hawk) but lets face it, a light coloured interior is much more livable if you can't have AC with the R2. I have had near identical Corvair convertibles at the same time in a not so hot climate --one green/black w/4 speed, and the other red/white with auto, and roof up or down, black vinyl was just so wrong. Looked nice, but...


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        Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
        Sorry Jim but you don't get your dream cars.

        You can't have it both ways, all original '64's even with AM/FM Radios, but with WHITE CUSTOM Interiors?
        I guess you like like those, but Studebaker was wise enough to rarely ever offer only "Close to" white interiors and '64 was not one. The '55 Speedster "Ivory" and '66 Daytona/Cruiser off-white/bone color are the only ones that come to mind.

        Update: OH yeah, I almost forgot the rare Golden Hawk 400 and Packard Hawk.
        My 64 Hawk has a white interior, ok, it did not come that way, but it is white and has headrest.


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          I like the '64 by far the best, but I will admit, if you have an 'R1' or 'R2' emblem on the grille, it is a little 'busy' looking up front I think. But that's OK!

          I'm also not crazy about the oval '64 "Avanti" engine the '63 rectangle badges better....but still...give me a '64! Love the plain decklid.

          If the car doesn't have all the gauges and a floor shift, keep it.
          Bill Pressler
          Kent, OH
          (formerly Greenville, PA)
          Currently owned: 1966 Cruiser, Timberline Turquoise, 26K miles
          Formerly owned: 1963 Lark Daytona Skytop R1, Ermine White
          1964 Daytona Hardtop, Strato Blue
          1966 Daytona Sports Sedan, Niagara Blue Mist
          All are in Australia now


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            Bill If mine was a R2 it could be as busy as it wants. JUst saying.


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              They messed up with the front speaker delete in the '64' GT's!
              Rob in PA.


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                It's the '62 for me because -

                - the front end is simpler, more elegant (not "fussy"), and shows it's Hawk heritage very well while still be a modernized update.
                - the trunk lid fascia is of that period, and in good company of other famously-styled cars (Lincoln Continental, Chevy SS), adding an element that makes it stand out in a "hip" way for the time.
                - the '62 was more balanced. The '64 was fussy at the front, and relatively plainer at the rear. The '62 had no chevrons (why are they needed on an elegant car?).
                - the "aluminum" dash is more interesting (and longer lasting?) than woodgrain that faded. AND there was a radio speaker in the FRONT!
                - did the '62's run just a little cooler because the side grills were "functional"? Probably not....but maybe!
                - yes, the seat upholstery pleats cracked, but they did all run in the same direction relative to the door panels, which, I believe was not the case with '63's.
                - believe me, during a really COLD winter, the driver's underfloor heater was a GOOD thing! (speaking from experience).
                - no amber front turn signal lenses means no clashes with car paint colour (like red).

                Funny that nobody mentioned the lack of the availability of disc front brakes as a '62 disadvantage!

                Gimme a Black '62, TT, full dash, 4-speed, red interior, with 3.07 rear end. And a full tank of gas!
                Roger Hill

                60 Lark Vlll, hardtop, black/red, Power Kit, 3 spd. - "Juliette"
                61 Champ Deluxe, 6, black/red, o/d, long box. - "Jeri"
                Junior Wagon - "Junior"

                "In the end, dear undertaker,
                Ride me in a Studebaker"


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                  Wow....and I just saw a project hawk with no hood......that front end is KILLER. Has anyone besides me, and with the means, thought of making that hood/grill/bumper/valance? The rest looks stock....the tail lights are body colored instead of chrome...and the deck lid looks more flat and square....Frankly, will all the metal magic I have seen on the HAMB....somebody has got to try this....

                  IF I hit the's on my list....promise....

                  since this would have been a 65....Chevy engine.....guess I could stuff nice fuel injected overdrive in that from GM.....Sounds simple enough.....


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                    The nicest HAWK one is the one you are lucky enough to get to drive whenever you want. I have a 1962 Hawk that came with an almost intact parts car that sold me on the 1962; how ever I think the hawk with some tail fins and 2 tone paint represent the brand the best.