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Studebaker makes MSN list of "15 cars to revive"...

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  • Studebaker makes MSN list of "15 cars to revive"...

    Spotted this when going online just now. Kewl...


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    I'm sure we're all in agreement.
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      What? They could not find a front view of a '50 Champion Starlight Coupe, they had to use a Business Coupe, OR they never noticed the difference? DAH!

      I think if you were chosing Cars to re-produce, the '53-'54 Starliner Hardtop or Starlight Coupe and even Avanti would be leaps and bounds ahead of a '50-'51 bullet nose.
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        I thought the same thing re the 53-4 C/Ks...a shape you could bring out next week and it'd sell! But I figured any Stude is pretty cool beans in a listing on an outlet as mainstream as MSN. And I think they were really addressing the unique glazing that set this pillared coupe apart from any other. As to the biz coupe pic, that's probably simply an "oops". Truth told, from a bit more head-on angle the Starlight can look like a biz coupe...



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          There's something odd about this list...
          I'm not too sure what it's all about,
          but be sure to look at the rest of it!!!!

          Pacer? VW Thing?
          Family Truckster?

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            Oh, they're oddballs of course, it's the loss of distinctiveness in most present-day cars that's being bemoaned here; the Truckster pic is only there because of the woody wagon category, which is one of the 15 listed cars and the only one that's a genre rather than an individual model...



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              Ohh, MAN, I want a Wagon Queen Family Truckster! There are websites devoted to that car, along with build specs for those wanting to build a clone, and someone's even making the big crown emblems I always fancied myself somthing of a Clark W. Griswold when the kids were little, only we did it in a Conversion Van.

              That movie's in my Top 5 of all time favorites. VERY close to the top

              As for reviving the bulletnose, I couldn't imagine a new car with any of that styling selling today. '70 Mustang redux worked, but these? Not so sure.....
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                I think the wraparound rear glass could work just fine now. The nose? Nope! Still agree with Rich's comment above that the 53-4 C/Ks would be the design to bring back.



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                  That is a curious list for sure. Some you betchas on there along with things that make you go "Huh?". No accounting for some peoples taste I guess, and great that Studebaker got some props.

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                    Originally posted by Bob Andrews View Post
                    Ohh, MAN, I want a Wagon Queen Family Truckster! There are websites devoted to that car, along with build specs for those wanting to build a clone, and someone's even making the big crown emblems
                    I've read one of the movie cars was in Indianapolis...I wonder if Bob Palma has seen it?
                    Another guy built a replica and sold it for use in the TV commercials with Chevy Chase that aired during the Super Bowl last year.
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                      In all fairness: the stereotypical Studebaker to many people is the 1950-51 Bulletnose and Stude sold scads of the things.

                      Sold my 1962; Studeless at the moment

                      Borrowed Bams50's sigline here:

                      "Do they all not, by mere virtue of having survived as relics of a bygone era, amass a level of respect perhaps not accorded to them when they were new?"


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                        While I appreciate Studebaker being on such a list, looking over the other cars they put on it leads me to believe they were being less than sincere. I too was bothered by the fact that they were touting the Starlight wraparound rear window and they used a business coupe picture.

                        And the Sports Family Truckster? C'mon.... out of all the beautiful woodys made throughout the years, you had to use that picture? And you wonder why I don't take the article seriously....
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                          Those of you who are puzzled about the rest of the list of "cars that need to be resurrected: need to click on each car and actually read the text. Then you'll be entertained instead of puzzled!

                          You especially need to read the text about why the AMC Pacer is on the list! ;


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                            The writer on these features is a 40-footer. That is to say, that's about as close as she's ever gotten to a car show. Look at her comments. You can easily see she's googled most of what she'd have you think he knows. The whole thing is just fluff for the uninformed to laugh at. "their last cars were built in 1967" - Where did that nugget come from? Oh wait! Every stupid car cover, WS wiper refill, oil filter, seat cover offering on ebay covers Studes thru the '67 year model. Well - there you have it!
                            As has been rightfully opined, the C-K duo should be front and center for a redux project. And there's the "pillarless" coupe he guesses Studebaker didn't see the appeal in.
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