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M5 Spring question

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  • M5 Spring question

    Pictured is my front shackle for the rear spring. How do i remove this spring ?


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    As I remember, the shaft of the bolt is splined near the head - that keeps it from rotating. From inside the frame, you can insert a socket into the hole and undo the nut. Be sure that the frame is completely supported and the spring also has a jack or support under it, as well, to unload the weight of the spring from the bolt. Then you can push the bolt out and drop the spring down. You may need to leave the nut about 3/4 of the way on the end of the bolt and use a brass drift against it to persuade the bolt to move a little. There aren't any NOS spring bolts around, so go gently.

    CORRECTION ADDED LATER: The "splines" are actually around the outside edge of the head of the bolt, not the shaft.
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      Great advice and no more head scratching because of it ! Thanks