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  • Tiny payback

    Everyone has been so cool about helping me with my truck, I just wanted to offer a miniscule token of appreciation and pay it forward at least in gesture.

    I had to pick up some of those E-crimp clips for my brake shoe retainers. My local AP store did not have any in stock, but we look at the wagner brake parts picture book and find a clip that is exactly the same. He types in the part number and they are in stock at the wharehouse so he orders me a pack. It does not say if it is 2 or 20 in the pack, just that it is a multi-pack and is only sold in that multi-pack.

    The pack is only $5 my cost so I say just order them. I go back later today and he hands me my box, there are at least 50 pieces in the box. I need 4. I tried to pay him for the whole box and just take enough to do this brake job and 1 more {so 16} then get him to just throw the rest into his stock for free. He said nahh, its a non stocking part number and they have never sold that number. I take the whole box of 50 retainers.

    I replaced the 4 on the rear shoes since I had the rear drums off and the front drums are already on and had good useable ones on the front {I actually scavenged 2 off of the rear to complete the front last week.

    So anyway, I am left with dozens of a brake retainer that fits many Stude drum brakes, The Stude part number would be item number 1101-35 and part number 185483. My parts are a Wagner part number and not an OE part, but they fit perfectly and are correct replacement parts unless you are competeing in Concours shows that remove your brake drums.

    If ANYONE neds a few of these please just PM me your address info and I will be happy to mail out some to you on me.

    I realize that a dollars worth of clamps and postage is NOTHING compared to a complete running 289 given to me for free, or a service manual and parts book with tons of other books and info on CD for 1/3 of what it would cost elsewhere, or all of the invaluable info I have gotten and even many of you folks spending your valuable time looking up some obscure part number of specs to help me out.
    BUT, it is what I have to offer for now. So please let me offer these and if you even think you may need some, let me know.

    Similarly, I had a busted brake spring for my 2R10 rear 14" x 2" drums and went thru the parts book and found what looked to be a suitable replacement, ordered it up at the same time, just a couple bucks, I get and it is a 4 pack. I replaced both of my rears since I had them, now I know they are good and of the same tension, but that leaves me with 2 spares that I do not need.

    If you have 14" drums and old springs and could use 2 new springs, PM me I will be happy to send them to you. They are a bit heavier gauge wire spring and a bit larger diameter but I am sure they will work fine as long as you replace both sides so they pull evenly.

    Anyway, Thank you all so much for your generosity.
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    THANK YOU, please continue to contribute to the forum. We need more members like you.


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      Very cool gesture, Kelly. You are a welcome addition to our group. God Bless!
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