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  • Proud Veteran Still Standing Tall...

    "Lest We Forget"
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    Last edited by jeds55; 11-10-2011, 12:46 PM.

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    Those are some cool pics. Pretty tough old truck for sure.

    Gordon S


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      Originally posted by jeds55 View Post
      "Less We Forget"
      I try to be sensitive when I nit-pick. This one is important: The phrase is:

      "Lest We Forget."

      There is a difference.
      (read it backwards)

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        Cool old truck. 'Wish it had at least a cover from the elements, even if only overhead. BP
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          I want one of those in my next life. Pretty cool.
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            I thought even the military Studebaker trucks had steel beds.
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              Originally posted by 52-fan View Post
              I thought even the military Studebaker trucks had steel beds.
              Think about how and where this truck was used. That Alaskan highway project was one of the most demanding and harshest environments ever undertaken. Those truck beds were subjected to huge boulders being dumped on them, hauling all kinds of machinery, and junk. An all metal bed thick enough to take that kind of punishment would have caused the truck to be "Loaded" before hauling a load.

              On the other hand, on a wooden bed, if you break a plank, simply replace it and you're on your way again. The land of huge trees and available timber, makes wooden beds a very practical choice.

              I am reluctant to broach this subject ('cause often the person proposing an idea is obligated to do something about it!) But...what would the possibility for some of our western regional membership to take on the preservation and maintenance of this truck as a project? As Bob Palma would be good to see at least some overhead protection from the elements. The old warrior deserves it.
              John Clary
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                " I didn't know Studebaker made trucks"
                When I hear this I just wonder what rock some people have been under???
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