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    I am not in any way shape or form associated with this magazine, but it is one of those free mags you see on your auto parts store counter. I grabbed one today while looking for a brake spring.
    It is the December 2011 issue and on page 77 there is a very nicely done Hawk. It is a deep forest green metalic or maybe even candy color. I think it is a hardtop and mey even be chopped.

    The pic was taken at a Pomona Cali car show at Ameriican Classic Cars in Pomona. I was curious if it is someones here on the site?

    It is a beautifully built car worth checking out if anyone can find an issue of the mag.

    Just checked the cover of the mag and it has a website for it at

    May be worth a look.

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    The dec 2011 issue show ups on the main page but I can not find the article and photos.

    But I did type in Studebaker in the search box and got 173 pics of nice Studes.