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  • Studebaker Tree Sign

    Today's SBT reports that efforts are being made to cleanup and refurbish the tree sign at what is now Bendix Woods County Park where Studebaker created the world's largest sign of that type. It is almost 1/2 mile long. Good news!,3465280.story
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    That's odd, Bob. When you click on the link you furnished in this thread, The South Bend Tribune article comes up right away, ready to read.

    But when you click on the link in Jeff Rice's thread about the same topic, it says "Internet Explorer cannot access the web page."


    Nice story. Thanks. BP
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      BP: It happened that my post was about five minutes before Jeff's. I posted the link and he posted the entire article. I just now looked at Jeff's post and it worked fine?
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        Davey Resource Group, an environmental consulting firm, will be at the park Nov. 21 to study the trees and make recommendations.

        UH OHHH. That's what used to be called Davey Tree Service. 'Bout all I ever see them do is cut trees down.
        (read it backwards)

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