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    If you really want the "period look"...then you would most likely have four un-matched tires. One or two with "re-caps" and at least one worn so bad the threads showing where tread should be. Oh...and the tag would be dangling loosely with wire twisted through the mounting holes.
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      Port a Walls were fake whitewalls that were mounted on top of tire and under the rim. Those of us that could not afford whitewall tires used them. As stated before, sometimes they laid flat and looked good and other times they did not. Once or twice I heard stories that if they were not seated correctly they would come off and the bead would be blown on the tire. You also had to be careful not to rub the tire against a curb!
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        BlackWalls - no two ways about it. If the "kid" has gotten Grandad's old beater, he's gonna be happy just to afford the gas for it. My first car - if I can call it mine - was Grandma's old '50 Chevy. It was hard justifying putting anything ON it - because it kept shedding parts as I drove it!
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          Stude Rich is correct, Stockton is gone last time I called a few weeks back. My problem is not finding a wheel shop, they are still around. There a good one in Wilmington/Long Beach area and one in Corona 20 minutes from me. The problem is that my wheel center is the wrong diameter to fit inside of a modern Drop center rim. They could machine it down but it would be all jacked up on the oval pocket openings out near the rim edge. Even that machining most are not comfortable with for some reason.

          Thanks for the clarification on the portawalls, we called them slap-ons. I saw a gentleman carrying a set around at the SW zone meet in San Diegoa few weeks back.
          I would either buy WWW or BW.

          As far as the tread showing and all mis-matched...I agree, but my concept truck building kid has a job at the local gas station and is trying to fix up the truck and hot rod are a must. No matter how broke I was a kid my folks would never let me drive on bad tires. It was buy tires, or ride my bicycle.

          I am really feeling the BW.
          I really wish the made those diamond edged small fronts in 16". Those are sik {the good ohhhh thats sik, sik}. But they only come in 14" and 15"
          The Hurt "Super cushion" that are near the bottom and in the top pick but those have the triple small white stripe.


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            I had a set of Port-a-walls on my 47 Plymouth coupe. When driving it in the winter, the snow would pack in between the port-a-wall amd the tire and they would stick out about 2" off the tire. What a look!
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