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Anyone interested in a late, big truck?

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  • Anyone interested in a late, big truck?

    I've known this trucks ever since I missed buying it in 1991. It's an 8E something ('63-64). Looks like a one and a half ton. V8 5spdOD tranny - flat bed - currently registered and driven maybe 4 or 5 times a year.
    The owner called me outta the blue the other day - someone had given her my Ph# and said I was the guy to ask about how to sell such a thing. She was unaware that we'd talked in years past, and that I'd even sold her parts to keep it going.
    I do know the truck's ALWAYS been here in the central valley of California. Last time I looked at it close, it still looked really solid and fairly straight. The owner's only ever used it to haul garbage to the local landfill - so it's not like it's been pampered. Still - you don't find these on every corner, and the V8 5spd OD is a cool driveline in itself. I know she'd take $3K for it - maybe even less as she's anxious to sell it.
    I can get a Ph# if anyone is interested.
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    Oh my! That would be so much better to haul the wife's 5th wheel instead of the 62 Champ. I just informed her of the 66 Cruiser addition last week. Not sure how receptive she'd be on another so soon!!
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      Ugh, why now. I'd love to have it. But having been out of work for several months and just getting a new job three weeks ago
      isn't the right time.
      I wonder what the wheelbase is on something like that.
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        Please get a phone number and any photos that you could post here. Thanks.


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          But Warren, this truck would be offically for HER right? We should never turn down a gift right?

          If you need a hand going to pick it up let me know, I love road trips and Visalia is a beautiful place. I even know how to get to Rosco's house....