These are parts left over from the restoration of my '53 coupe. All will fit C or K bodies through at least '55, perhaps later.
1. Fiberglass front fenders, bought many years ago from Newman-Altman. Available once again from a TW vendor, but at a much higher price than quoted here. $100 each.
2. Classic Enterprises inner quarter panels (fit ahead of the rear wheels). Galvanized steel, from the time when that was available. $60 each or $100 for the pair.
3. NOS inner front fenders. $80 each or $140 for the pair.

I'll bring all to SB, where I'll have my Sunnybrook travel trailer at the campground. I'll have a message board there if you want to indicate when you could look at these parts, or reply/ ask questions on the forum.

cell: 262 880 3520

Jerry Buck
Racine, Wisconsin
'53 Champion Coupe - C (owned since 1956)
'61 Lark VI Convertible