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Performance mods for a 1962 259

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  • Performance mods for a 1962 259

    Hi. I'm brand new to this whole Studebaker thing. I recently purchased a 1953 Starliner that has 1962 rear end, auto trans and 259 V8. Can anyone point me the right direction on "waking up" that motor? Thanks

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    Four barrel carb and twin exhaust adds some bolt on HP. Don Simmons at Silvertone exhaust (an SDC vendor) has stainless steel units at a very reasonable cost. Ignition helps. If everything is in great shape, leave it alone. You can go Pertronix at a reasonable cost. I imagine it has been coverted to 12V? Nice ride.
    Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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      Welcome to forum toaster! Some real great and helpful people here. I am new to Studes also and have only been on here for a couple months and these folks have really helped me with my truck project.

      Keep your eye on Ebay for a manifold. I saw a 4v manifold for $100 a couple of weeks back but I didnt buy it, was not sure what I was gonna do for power at the I am going with a Stude 289 thanks to a very generous SDC member and I am wishing I would have snatched up that 4v manifold. The manifolds will interchange on a 259/289 Stude motor and I believe all Stude V8s will fit so keep your eyes peeled.

      Congrats on the new Starliner. Beautiful car. Post up some pics, we love pics here.
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        Welcome to SDC.

        Do some searching here and over on the Racing Studebakers site and you'll have weeks of reading. Everything possible on a Studebaker V8 is available on these two sites.

        jack vines


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          I have 4v manifolds, how many do you want??
          Castro Valley,


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            CandB One for me if the price is fair. You can PM or email me the info.

            Are these just 4v manifolds you have laying around? or are these Repops? or NOS?


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              I would suggest you check with Phil Harris at Fairborn Studebaker for performance info. He has always been very helpful when I had questions or parts. He does stock the Petronix stuff.

              Welcome to Studebakerdom. Glad to have you with us. A great source of help when folks are new to Studebakers is your local SDC Chapter. Be sure to join the International Studebaker Drivers Club, then your local chapter. You'll find help and naturally interest there.
              Joe Roberts
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                +1 on joining the SDC. You get a years subscription to the monthly magazine "Turning Wheels" a cool referenece to the old spoked wheel logo of Studebaker. Very cool mag with alot of helpful info and great Stude history. The years membership is worth it for the mag alone.


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                  You will find that some simple mods will wake up the 259. Right now I am using one in my Avanti for Land Speed racing. Lightly ported heads. Clay Smith 488 by 284 cam with Harbit 7000+ springs. Paxton with Holley and custom intake. Since you live in Lake Elsinore why don't you plan on coming up to El Mirage next weekend and look for the Stude guys. Dave Bloomberg and others will be there. Lot's of experience will be there. I will have the Stude Camper and the Avanti. Can't miss either one. The camper is original Salmon and the Avanti is bright yellow with purple art work. Maybe we will see you there.


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                    Thanks for the great idea on coming out to EM. I will have to see what I have going on, but I will put it on my "I hope to" list for next week.

                    BTW, it is Toastervet that has the 259 and is looking for hop up help.
                    I have a 289 that is being gone thru and freshened up for my 2R10 truck. I would like a 4V on it, so when CandD offererd toaster a deal on a manifold I thought I would see what he wanted for one since it sounds like he has more than one. I would not scoop up toasters if there was only 1 available.

                    As to a paxton on it....I can only dream, I am a self proclaimed CASO, not so much intentionally. More of a neccessity. I am on workers comp from a ladder collapse in june of 2010. I had to have 2 disc in my neck removed and 3 vertibrae fused and Titanium plated and screwed together. WC is eating money but not congruent to truck building money. Forced CASOsism stinks. But I am still having fun building it.

                    Back on topic, Toastervet: What Dan said, porting, cam, springs, Paxton, 4v....=fast