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Dealer Screaming For Cars - Followup - MFG Point of View October 1962 - Revised Proper Attachments

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  • Dealer Screaming For Cars - Followup - MFG Point of View October 1962 - Revised Proper Attachments

    Rather than expand the thread Dealers Screaming For Cars I thought I would try to post what was happening two months later as it appears MFG was trying to ramp up but ran into quality control issues with Studebaker. Hopefully the two memos I saved as jpeg files will help expand the discussion of what was happening with 6 months of the Avantis introduction. Hope this works never tried before.
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    John Hull

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    Wow, it seems to me that the overall quality was pretty bad, even for the Corvette. I wonder what the execs at GM thought about the fit and finish of their signature car.
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      I remember one of the auto magazines that tested the Avanti after it was available commented that the fiberglass body's fit and finish was superior to that of the Corvette. A different magazine that later evaluated the Avanti (and Studebaker) showed the inspection process with numerous pieces of tape showing flaws in the paint that required attention.

      There appears to be a real difference between what was coming down the production line and what was made available for auto writers.
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        John: I think you've got two identical threads started. You may be able to delete the one to which no one has replied, if you do it quick before someone posts to it. BP
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          Though Corvette fans would take umbrage at the opinion our small town Chevrolet dealer said of the Corvettes he sold, he opined in the early '60's to a group of friends "Guys like 'em, but they're a pretty lousy car for the price".
          He was more likely referring to the poor body fit and finish of those cars, not the mechanical. Even as a kid, I was surprise how poor they looked up close. Fast forward a half century, those that are restored now are likely the quality of the cars prepared for the major car shows then.



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            Interesting to see faults on the Corvette in 1961 noted by Studebaker personel & accepted by MFG. I am surprized to see they retained the attitude of it being "commercially acceptable" a year later. No wonder that Studebaker then proceeded to assemble the bodies (at least some of them) to improve the quality. I have a copy of the assembly report on mine with defects like repositioning the power steering line being corrected. I should break it out again & look to see what, if any body issues there were.
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              It appears that MFG made no attempt at quality control, and Sigmund Gegax was the 'go-to' guy between MFG and Studebaker as per E.T. Reynold's autobiography: