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A Good Use for Teathering

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  • A Good Use for Teathering

    I decided to move the battery in my Avanti to the trunk. I used 2 cell phones capible of teathering. I used a special wiring circuit board to tie in one cell phone to the solenoid under the hood. The other cell phone I teathered to the battery in the trunk in like manner. I was ablle to use a much smaller battery because there is no voltage/amperage lost throught regular battery cables. Any suggestions to improve this setup would be appreciated.

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    I stand by my claim of being a moron... so I am lost here.
    My cell phone wont last over night without a charge and yours starts your car?
    What happens when you drive out of coverage does your car get roaming charges?
    On the good side you now have onboard Nav system I guess...

    On a personal side could use the Nav system to find our KH when you come to give an out talk
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      Minus 10 points for misspelling tethering!


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        Ditos!, I could have been the one writing that...just proves: Great Minds Think Alike!
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