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53 to 55 Studebaker article

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  • 53 to 55 Studebaker article

    This is kind of a nice general article about the 53 to 55 Coupes and sedans. Of course maybe I'm the only one who hasent seen it. Enjoy
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    The author was rolling along pretty good - until I read his rendition of how the C-body was a response to the squeaks and rattles of the K-body. Where do folks dig up "facts" like these? In John Bridges book Studebaker's Finest, he devotes less than a paragraph that indicates no one's ever recorded the why of making the C-body car. But the decision to do so was made before either body even got close to production. Bridges does question why two such similar cars were produced. He concludes that it isn't easy to fathom some of the things Studebaker did.
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      I'm inclined to think that particular decision was part of the way things were done in the industry at the time. Studebaker built C- and K-bodied cars for the same reason Chevrolet built Sport Coupes and 2-door Sedans, or Plymouth built Fury hardtops and Belvedere sedans. It was accepted practice.

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