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any resto info for 65 Cruiser would be greatly appreciated

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  • any resto info for 65 Cruiser would be greatly appreciated

    i have a 65 cruiser tryin to restore on a bit of a budget I heard someone was parting out a 66 cant find the link though. if you have any info please hit me up.
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    John, it was great to meet you Saturday in San Diego at the SW Zone Meet. The guy you need to talk to is Pat Dilling. He posts on here quite often and it is a 64 Cruiser that he is parting up in Sacramento. Do a search on Pat Dilling and you should find the thread.



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      Hey Mark,
      Nice meeting you as well and thanks for the info I will definately search for him.
      just put new tires on the cruisers which is why i didnt bring it down to the show. Pretty excited about that. Thanks again and if you have any other info or contacts please let me know i would greatly appreciate it.



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        I have some Cruiser bits and pieces here. What is it you're in need of?
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          I need a driver side window regulator and the little plastic rollers for both sides
          The hood ornament and the chrome trim on the rear quartepanel passenger side.
          Other than that my radiator could be re-cored. Everything else is pretty good. Mechanical wise.
          Interior needs work like the dash is cracked and faded and door panels could definately be changed out.
          and the instrument panel speedometer doesnt work dont know if thats just a loose wire or what.
          Anything would be appreciated.