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You never know where you'll find them..

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  • You never know where you'll find them..

    I took my Ford pickup to the mechanic that Tom Elliott always used, to let him pull the transmission and bellhousing to replace the slave cylinder. His shop is about 2 miles from home and since he knows my truck as well as anyone, it was an easy choice.

    I walked into his shop and immediately had a great feeling about letting him do the work. This was sitting there, next in line.

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    Righteous '35.
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      Such style and class.
      1960 Lark VIII Regal Wagon


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        Very nice lookin' ride, and I am very much diggin' the powerplant,

        but where on Earth is that guy gunna find parts for that 'ol Stude V8?

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          Too cool!!!!!!
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            I'm 99% sure I know the guy that owns the car. He's an SDCer and like most of the Studebaker owners I've ran into around here, not active in the local chapter. (I'm really not either since all of the meetings are on the north side of Atlanta. A 2-3 hour drive at the least.) I ran into him recently at the local cruise in. He had an '81 Avanti that he was thinking about putting a Stude V8 in. He mentioned a '35 amongst his fleet of Studes. The guy just likes the Studebaker V8.