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  • Find the Stude in this race clip

    Awesome 3 laps of Bathurst (in Austalia) in a Ford XY GTHO
    Leon Martin, Australia.

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    About 7:30 in...a '64-66 Lark type

    Originally posted by martincl View Post
    Awesome 3 laps of Bathurst (in Austalia) in a Ford XY GTHO
    Ron Dame
    '63 Champ


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      Thanks for posting. Makes me glad I am retired. The video reminded me of a typical morning commute to work.

      I was impressed about how long it took him to get by the Mini.
      John Clary
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        I first saw the green Studebaker about 7:16. I think the producers of the video made a big mistake. At the outset it says "no music" There was music in my ears for 9 minutes plus! Thanks for posting the link to this great video.
        Joe Roberts
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          Oh man that was crazy, thanks for posting. The 'BRE' Datsun 510 was extra cool for me, one of cars of my youth that I alway longed to race, but never got around to (other than ice racing) Always heard about Bathhurst when I lived down under for a year but never saw the track and had no idea it had so many elevation changes. Looks to be real challenging to drive. I assume this was a vintage race, and in true Aussie fashion, it appears no driver was holding back, all in or nothing. That was so cool, made my day! Junior.
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            Do/did they do an inverted start?
            Or do they stagger the classes, fastest in the back?
            (Showing my road racing ignorance here)
            It's either that, or he qualified real, real bad..
            He sure seemed to be passing a lot of cars early on.
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              Very cool; thanks.

              'Fun to watch the engine's air cleaner "shaker" move around in the hood cavity as he accelerates, decelerates, shifts up and down, etc. BP
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                Ah, and watching the wiper blades moving up the windscreen..
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                  Go back in time to when Studebakers did compete at Bathurst as late model cars:

                  Joe Roberts
                  '61 R1 Champ
                  '65 Cruiser
                  Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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                    I love in-car videos. I felt my right foot instinctively pressing into the floor on the long straights
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                      What a great video! pretty good driver and car too, never saw anyone pass him and he passed a bunch.
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