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1963 Lark Wagonaire auto shop project

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    Thanks for all the updates, the wagon is looking good!


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      Session 17

      Our 17th session was mostly spent chasing down starting issues. The starter wasn't engaging so we took it off the car, cleaned it out, and lubed the Bendix. We also replaced the starter solenoid after it got stuck and tightened and cleaned up all the connections.

      A couple of the students finished up the spare tire cover and Zach made some new panels for the rear cargo area.

      Here's Ian installing the new panels - I think they turned out real good.


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        Session 18

        We had our 18th and final class session on June 3rd. We ended class early to have our end-of-year BBQ.

        Ben brought over a rebuilt carb and Kris helped him swap out the old one.

        Most of the class time was spent cleaning, buffing, and polishing before parents got there for the BBQ.

        Then we just relaxed and had some burgers.

        The adults will meet on a few more Friday nights to tune the engine some and get it ready to drive to Chehalis for the car show on June 23rd.


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          Great thread, and thank you. I just wish I had something like this in my area about 15 or so years ago. There was one guy across the street when i was growing up that let us just look at his car, but he would like to talk about it and drink beer. But thank you for what you are doing with the younger people. Keep it up!


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            Nice job, sir. You have given those young men something to build a lifetime of mechanical ability upon. Good on you. (Love that yellow Starlight, too, BTW.)

            Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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              Great thread and story, Olivepick. Looks sorta like it's over, and I will miss it. Good luck at the show.

              And that is a great looking Starlight. (even though it's yellow. not my favorite color for cars.) Don't suppose there's a thread story on that??????


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                Truly, truly awesome. I hope when my boy is old enough to take a class like this that there will be someone in the area who still offers it.

                Of course, considering my collection of cars and how much he likes helping me with them already, by 17 or 18, he may well be able to lead such a class! <G>

                Please keep us updated on this car. Heck, someone on this very forum may have interest in it. And next year, if you're not lucky enough to find a Stude, at least give us a link to a forum you'll post on (or go ahead and post in our "Stove Huggers" forum).

                Thanks for teaching valuable skills to these kids. Wish I had that in High school.
                '63 Lark Custom, 259 v8, auto, child seat

                "Your friendly neighborhood Studebaker evangelist"


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                  what? no summer school???

                  i've really enjoyed your thread!!!
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                    I've just read the entire thread and I'm very impressed with what you've done for these kids. I hope they know that Stude freaks from all over are interested in what they've done. I would love to participate in something like this, but the commute would be a bit much. Thank you for being so generous. It will pay off for your students.


                    • Here's the link to the CL ad:



                      • Apparently now that I have a garage, I want a lot more cars. I would drive this thing everywhere. I still want to get a set of those rear window deflectors for the 60 at some point.... whenever my uncle is ready to sign the title over.
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