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  • If I had a bigger garage

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    If I had a bigger garage...........I'd just fill it with more non-running future projects <G>. Been there, done that, have to work on my cars outside because the garage is full..................
    Winston-Salem, NC
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      A garage is on my wish list. I've been spoiled all my automotive life with a garage until I moved here to land of no garage.
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        Bigger Garage won't help.
        Built my first 6 cars in a carport (last 3 of these in the carport/basement)
        Then I got my own house with a 21'x21' garage with a 10' ceiling....thought I was in heaven!
        Built 3 more cars there, but still had the problem of moving the finished cars in and out every time I wanted to work. So had to rent a friends garage for stotrage.
        Next I move to a 2400 sq ft shop with 11.5' ceiling. I was on top of the world for 9 years! But the enevitable still was stuffed to the roof before I move on.
        Even after I puched a hole in the wall and added a 8'x40'refridgerator trailer for parts storage.
        Well now I have a 3000 sq ft working shop with two 6000 sq ft storage buildings (15,000 sq ft total) and guess what???? After only 8 years they are reaching that "Full" status.
        We shuffled cars all day friday, just to make room for more.
        Moral of this story.
        Your garage will "Never be large enough" ask Ron Pratt.
        Good Roads
        Brian Woods
        1946 M Series (Shop Truck)


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          There is always storage. For awhile, I had Studebakers stored in three different counties in NY plus one more out of state. If any of us had Ron Pratt's money, storage would not be a problem.
          Gary L.
          Wappinger, NY

          SDC member since 1968
          Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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            I guess the size of your garage is a lot like how much money you make. You'll always live just barely within your means.


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              I get two or three junk emails each day regarding the possibility of enlarging my garage. Don't believe it!
              "All attempts to 'rise above the issue' are simply an excuse to avoid it profitably." --Dick Gregory

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              Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
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