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  • vin

    I have a 1951 studebaker. I can't match the vin on the title with a number on the car. Where should the vin be on the car?

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    Check the driver's door A pillar. Should be a tag.
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      Studebakers never had VINs which are a more modern invention, only serial numbers. The Serial number should be on the driver's door between the hinges, I think. Is your car a Champion 6, a Commander V8, or a Land Cruiser V8?

      However, depending on where it was first titled, it might have been titled using the >>engine number<<. (can be a bad-ish thing, if the engine was changed out at some time) You need to get a copy of the production order form from the Studebaker National Museum--$48 well spent! It will give you all the build info from the factory, options, colour, engine number, etc
      here are engine numbers info
      six cylinders
      model identification


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        Some states used the engine number on the title in the '30s and '40s, not sure about the '50s. Bottom line, the title should use either the car serial number from the serial number plate on the drivers door post, or the engine number. So, the number on the title should look like one of the following --

        Studebaker car serial numbers were as follows in '51:
        All Champions, regardless of whether assembled in South Bend, Los Angeles, or Canada, started with a "G" (ie, G-xxxxxx)
        Commanders would be just a numeric serial number in a 8xxxxxx series

        Engine numbers would be as follows depending on where produced:
        Champion from South Bend: starting with engine number 778001, going thru 911500
        Champion from Canada: starting with engine number C-25501, going thru C-36721
        Commander from South Bend: starting with engine number V-101, going thru V-123000
        Commander from Canada: starting with engine number VC-101, going thru VC-2035
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          The 1951 Serial Number plates are on the driver's door "B" pillar, the latch plate post, near the bottom.
          Prior to 1955 many States titled their Vehicles by the Engine Number.

          On a Champion 6 it is on the driver's side of the block, near the top front corner.

          On a Commander V-8, it is on the top of the block STAMPED into the machined surface at the driver's side REAR corner near the Distributor.
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            Exercise all possible options to have the car titled on the Serial Number from the tag on the "B" pillar. Modern VIN numbers are seventeen symbols.
            Remind the titling agent your vehicle is not modern.
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              Who cares! If there is a number on your car ..."REGISTER IT"
              Brian Woods
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