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    Frend has a '39 Cham[pion that cuts out as he is driving along, hit the key and it starts right up. even shut it off and restarts with no problem then drive awhile and it cuts out. What do you think it is, my guess the coil. It is the original coil.

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    Could be the coil. If he has overdrive, it could be a short in the overdrive cut-out circuit.


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      Been there. This is the third case of a '39/'40 Champion I've heard of doing exactly what you just described. Mine did that for a LONG time until I finally figured out it was actually the FUEL SYSTEM. Start by replacing the coil and the points, if the problem is still there replace your fuel lines, the filter, and even drop the gas tank and clean it if it needs it. On mine the fuel line was completely jamed. I also modified the pick up point in the gas tank to it acts like one found on a '56 Hawk where the fuel line comes through the sending unit. That works a lot better than stock from what I found out. I also added a second filter to the fuel line on the frame and another closer to the front of the car. Also check fuel pressure and that your pump is working properly. There was a short discussion about this in the CO-OPERATOR in Turning Wheels not too long ago. I described the fuel problem there in a little more detail.
      'Hope this helps.
      Chris Dresbach


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        I was recently fighting this same issue with a '51 Champion. Turned out that the air filter wasn't allowing enough air to flow though. Remove the air filter and see if the issue persists.