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Studebaker diesels and 4X4s

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  • Studebaker diesels and 4X4s

    My younger brother and I have a rivalry going on... My brother has always been a fan of diesels and 4X4 trucks, but not so much regular Studebaker pickups. One night we got talking and he said that he had never seen a Studebaker 4X4, nor did he know that Studebaker even made them, or diesels. Also knowing that he would throw some gas on the fire, said he had "never seen a powerful Studebaker truck"... At this statement I showed him a photo of Jim Maxey's old Orange diesel. However, I don't have more than a couple photos of a Transtar 4X4. Does anybody have some photos of Studebaker diesels and 4X4s, preferably "in action", like pulling something? My other question: A '58 Transtar 4X4, what engines did they come with and what was their rear end gear ratio? Just curious. I don't know a whole lot about Stude trucks.

    'Ol sibling rivalry at its best...
    Chris Dresbach

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    4x4's & diesels

    my 58 4x4 came with a 259 and 489 gears. it now has 427(i think)gears which helps it at the higher speeds.

    I have a 59 scotsman 4x4 that has a big six(245)and also 489 gears.

    At one point in my life I owned a 60 4x4(navy truck) that had the same v-8 combo as the 58.

    I cannot speak for the others, but I think you could order what you wanted.

    I do not have any working photos of any of the trucks, but can get you photos if you want some(by the way, I recently bought the big orange diesel).

    Take Care

    george o


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      On the back of the March 2005 Turning Wheels, there is a picture of a diesel Studebaker carrying a 4 wheel drive Studebaker. The diesel is owned by Phil Harris of Fairborn/Studebaker and the 4 wheel drive is mine. It is one of the 65 Navy 4 x 4 trucks made.



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        In 1958, 4WD could be ordered on any 1/2, 3/4, or 1-ton Transtar with the Commander 6 or the 259 V8, with the 289 optional. In 1959, it could be ordered in both Scotsman and Transtar models with the same engines (289 standard in Transtars). 4WD was not available on Champs, so during 60-64, it was only available on 1-ton trucks (V8 only after 1960). No 4WD trucks were built during the short 1964 model year.
        Skip Lackie


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          4X4 at work

          Not pulling anything but definitely at work. '58 half ton with a 259. They would do just as well as any other brand X 4X4 of the time. They were not very fast with the 4.89 gears but you could pull stumps all day and never work up a sweat.


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            Here's a Craig Parslow photo of Jay Derbridge's rig. I've seen this truck pull into a few International Meets, fully loaded.

            Back in the '70's, John Ernst used to drive his Diesels all over the country to various meets. Most of his adventures were written about in Turning Wheels at the time. Last I heard, he still had around 11 Diesel trucks.

            Of course, there's a few 4x4's out there being used, too.

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