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    Yes you will be welcomed, the Orange Empire Chapter, the Los Angeles Chapter, the Inland Empire Chapter, the sponsoring San Diego Chapter and any other Calif. Chapters that show up, are all great people who will be glad to meet you.

    It is just the Car Show with or without judging, being a Swap Meet Vendor, going to the Awards Banquet etc. that require registration.
    The Chapters do require International SDC Membership (which you have done), to be a local member, but I do not believe that is a requirement to register at a meet.

    All of this registering, belonging, paying, and rules etc. is really just to protect the Club and it's officers from lawsuits and a Insurance requirement, because we do have SDC registered event Insurance. It is not meant to turn people away. Have a great time!
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      Originally posted by StudeDave57 View Post
      Plans are afoot on this end~ who else is goin'?
      My plans didn't pan out too well- I will not be attending this show.

      I hope that those who do take LOTS of pictures for us...

      There oughtta be a few nice '56, '57, and '58 sedans- hint hint.

      StudeDave '57
      StudeDave '57
      US Navy (retired)

      3rd Generation Stude owner/driver
      SDC Member since 1985

      past President
      Whatcom County Chapter SDC
      San Diego Chapter SDC

      past Vice President
      San Diego Chapter SDC
      North Florida Chapter SDC


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        Pets and traveling just don't work! Hotels that do allow pets, do it, not because they want too or even think they should. But do it because it is a way to suck additional money out of their guest that think they can not do anything without their little friends.
        Get bigger friends it is a lot cheaper!
        Don't take this wrong....I love animals and have a pet myserlf, but I would never EVER consider taking it to an automotive event!!!
        Pets really don't have an appreciation for Cars???
        Nor do they even care to be there! Who are you pleasing anyway??
        Good Roads
        PS we know who you are not pleaseing....."THE OTHER PARTICIPANTS!"
        Brian Woods
        1946 M Series (Shop Truck)


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          Brian, you will never convince my 2 little dogs they don't like the trips, they see the suite cases being packed and they are ready to go, our trip last month was 18 days by truck with trailer and car 6000 miles and in hotels every night and they even enjoyed the PSMCRS, they were both there , met Ted and the rest of the Studebaker group, you should try it some day, things do change as one gets older and what do you mean by "THE OTHER PARTICIPANTS"?
          Castro Valley,


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            I think he means "OTHER PARTICIPANTS" as in the rest of us who would like to see you and your vehicle there, with or without dogs.

            Woodsy: I think the problem here is not that his dogs want to go to a CAR show per say, but that they like to be with their owners and dont like being alone. Then I know in my case, getting someone to take care of your dogs is a pain in the butt. Most dogs especially indoor dogs dont like someone just stopping in a dumping food in a bowl. They like personal attention and petting and playing.