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Drove my car to work today

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  • Drove my car to work today

    I had a guy call about my car yesterday and he said he'd call and come look at it this morning. I went out and gave it a quick wash and fired it up just to be sure the battery wasn't dead. I haven't moved it in over a month, so it was due for a spin. After driving it around for several miles, I became re-enamored with it. This is just such a good driving and functional car, I decided to drive it to work tonight. Having done so, if this guy doesn't come look this weekend I'm just gonna give up on selling it and fix some of it's issues and put some miles on it. First order of business will be to install a seat that I can sit in without hobbling around for several days after. I just thought I'd share some of my newfound enthusiasm

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    That's great Travis!! Sometimes that is all that is needed.......a break from a car to get the interest in it back up again.

    Have you thought about maybe finding a seat from a late model that would fit? I know there have been a lot of posts about putting later model seats in C-K body Studebakers. With the relatively flat floor, adapting a seat should not be too hard.
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      Good to hear! I adapted bucket seats to my '61 Lark wagon, no more sore backs; and a nice sporty feel (Relatively speaking of course, not quite like a GT Hawk or Avanti feel....)
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        Not sure on seats, but I have a couple of options I'm looking at. I fiddled with it after work for a few minutes and got the heat cable free'd up. It was nice to have some extra warmth on the way home. I need to figure out what's up with the blower motor though, and the dash lights quit working the second time I drove it to work. Getting off at midnight, I really kinda need those.