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  • A little help here...........

    A SDC member Frank Ambrogio is trying to put together information from all International meets, the date, meet hotel, city state and dash plaque. Here is his request from the 56J site

    "since so many of us have attended SDC meets in
    the past, I thought I'd post this.

    I have posted a web page on our local SDC chapter web site that lists all the
    SDC International meets. I am trying to show the year, host chapter(s), a dash
    plaque, location, host venue, and dates for each meet.

    I am hoping that the Studebaker Drivers Club will eventually be willing to
    accept the site, transfer it to their web site, and maintain it in the future.

    Of course, I am missing quite a bit so if anyone can help "fill in the blanks" I
    would greatly appreciate it. You can see what I've done so far at:

    You can send anything to my regular email address (I don't want to show it here
    as I'll get a ton of spam from it). If you don't know my email address, just
    post an answer here and I'll be in touch.


    I think this is a great endeavor and information that should be preserved. Frank has not gave permission to post his address, if you have it great if not post info here and he can see it or I will pass it on .

    Thanks in advance
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