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    Agree with Matthew. The International Meet will draw media interest with or without being connected to IDYSD. It needs to be a stand alone event. I would think also that a date needs to be officially set pretty soon, as chapters are already setting calendars.
    Joe Roberts
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    '65 Cruiser
    Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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      Originally posted by mbstude View Post
      Jim, I didn't realize you were heading up the event and making the decisions this year. Promoting something that isn't official just creates headaches.

      If this is about "free media", then I think the news stations will have more than enough to cover as it is, with the meet and associated events that already go along with it. Adding another event on top of it all just adds clutter, confusion, and chaos.

      Piling on "drive your Studebaker day" won't add anything to the experience of the meet itself, and it takes away any chance of a local chapter having their own event.

      I'd vote to leave it as it has been in early September, and promote it for what it is. I would hate to see a pretty cool event lose its prominence because it was combined with something else because of "free media".
      Thank you Matt, I always respect your opinion!

      Now please allow this old man to tell you a true story about people who had the courage to "Think Outside the Box."

      In the Fall of 1989 (about the year you were born) there were six or so middle-management and about that same number of engineering types sitting around this big wooden table in a lodge near Colorado Springs. We were all "drinking warm beer & eating cold pizza" talking about our collective futures and whether the Company we all worked for even had a future. We talked a lot and discussed several ideas, but one in particular was "so far out of the box" that we all got laughed at when mentioning it back at South Bend.

      Fast forward 10 years …and I was also there when it was officially announced that our "so far out of the box idea" had just became a Division of General Motors Corporation.

      Matt, if you keep following the same old people, and keep doing things the same old ways, all too soon, YOU will become that old person, and YOU will be doomed to doing things those same old ways too. Matt, have the courage to "Think Outside the Box!!!

      Remember; A Leader never follows …A Follower never leads!!!

      Have a good evening,

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        Matthew thinks out of the box!! Just look at his head!!!!!!
        Jamie McLeod
        Hope Mills, NC

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          Out of the box? I don't mind out of the box thinking. But only when it makes sense. I certainly didn't end up with a successful stainless trim repair business by thinking "inside of a box".

          I still like the way Jim McCuan puts it; "I prefer to not let myself get in a box I have to think my way out of."

          It just does not make any sense to me to combine IDYSD with the International Meet. If the two are combined, IDYSD won't have anywhere near the exposure or the attention it would if continues to stand alone. This isn't a matter of being 'stuck in old ways' or refusing to "think outside of a box", it's just a matter of what makes the most sense, to me. The International Meets are always busy and packed full of things going on. No need to add on another major event that does alright on its own just fine.

          Originally posted by starliner62 View Post
          Matthew thinks out of the box!! Just look at his head!!!!!!
          I shave my head and the whole world knows.
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            Maybe it would be alot simpler if we include the Zone meet the same time as well .....dah

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              I thought I was just gonna get a cool date to set as a serious goal to get my Stude done by. Intead I get a family fued.

              So being new here, forgive my ignorance, what happened in 1989 that became a division of GM? Something to do with those later Avanti's is my guess...?

              Is it safe to assume that IDYSD is later summer...august-sept ish? I am really hoping to up and running by then!!!


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                Originally posted by kmac530 View Post
                >>>So being new here, forgive my ignorance, what happened in 1989 that became a division of GM?>>>
                GM HUMMER happened 10 years later in 1999!!!

                BTW, where's the fued
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                  My vote goes with the month of September. I enjoyed everything about the International Meets and I also enjoy the time with the local club spending a relaxing day on a drive with a dozen or so friends touring to a local point of interest and showing off our cars to the locals.


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                    Seems simple to me- majority rules, and IDYSD stays the same-
                    that September date works for all. But then again...
                    not too long ago I tried to HELP SDC with a little fund raiser-

                    and got shot down!!!

                    It wouldn't shock me one bit to see this lame August date picked for 2012.
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                      Some members can only attend the international meet a few days, with that said it would be impossible to drive your vehicle there (from California). Having IDYSD on its own day markets the brand bar none. I vote for September and thank you Matt for coming up with the idea, that was thinking out-side-the-box. We should, being a "drivers club" encourage others in getting their vehicles out more often instead of waiting only for an annual event. Can you remember the reasons why we have these vehicles in the first place? Yes, they are fun to drive while sharing glimpses of yesteryear for all beaming eyes to reminisce, including yourself. I am only a 2 year owner on my first Studebaker and believe you me they stand out compared to the masses and the stories you hear are numerous. In my eyes, this brand brings together a great group of owners who share stories while helping others. I am thankful being connected to such a wonderful group of people.
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                        Keep it in September. And, as far as "thinking outside the box" is concerned, didn't Matt come up with the idea of IDYSD in the first place?
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                          Originally posted by studefan View Post
                          Keep it in September. And, a far as "thinking outside the box" is concerned, didn't Matt come up with the idea of IDYSD in the first place?
                          I believe you are correct.
                          Joe Roberts
                          '61 R1 Champ
                          '65 Cruiser
                          Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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                            Gary Ash came up with the idea. But it was me along with Bob Shaw and a couple of others who turned it into something.


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                              Thanks again Matt. Hope to see you in South Bend next year!
                              Howard - Los Angeles chapter SDC
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