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some speedo cable help (length/s interchange please?) 1951-64

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  • some speedo cable help (length/s interchange please?) 1951-64

    I'm tying to help another member find a speedo cable and 17 tooth gear for a 64 Daytona 4 speed car. HE NEEDS THE WHOLE CABLE, CORE, AND GEAR.

    I have a few PILES of new and used speedo cables and thought for sure I saved one for my own 4 speed Lark. Alot of these cables are not marked.

    An old SI catalog shows this as " 1544772 all Larks and Hawks" and shows lengths for others but not this one.

    Does anyone have the length written somewhere or have a loose one for sale OR to measure??? A picture of the ENDS of this one or any others would be a great help to ID others that are mixed up from the move.

    I could use other lengths if you have some, this pile REALLY needs to get sorted out!!
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