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1964 and 1965 Prototypes built in Switzerland

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  • 1964 and 1965 Prototypes built in Switzerland

    I saw the following Video on youtube - an internal 1962 film from Studebaker. Mr Egbert spoke and announced the 1964 and 1965 prototypes (I guess) were being built in Switzerland by 2 different companies. Anyone heard of this before, it was news to me, though.
    John Clements
    Christchurch, New Zealand

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    That's interesting. I've seen that video before and never noticed that he said that. If I had to guess, maybe it had something to do with either building an export only version prototype, or it may have been suggested by Raymond Lowey. The black and gold Avanti type prototypes were built in Italy. Perhaps the same people who built those cars had a shop in Switzerland?
    Chris Dresbach