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    Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
    Wait a minute, I thought this was solved: "Saves you the Jack"? Is the answer right? No? Certainly makes sense.
    "Saves you the Jack" is what I hear as well and I remember "Jack" being slang for money. . .
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      All right. One more time. The jingle is an outright paraphrase (today we say "ripoff") of "Ballin' the Jack," a jaunty tune from the Great American Songbook. Witness the line "[have a] ball in the Lark." Therefore the use of "jack" is a foregone conclusion. "Jack" as a nickname for money does not originate in American usage -- it was English first. Nothing new there. Our problem appears to be that nobody says it any more.

      Also noted, this ad could not be made for mass consumption today. Over twenty years after the song's original popularity, its key phrase accumulated a patina of innuendo. Counter-cultural street expressions traveled more slowly before the Urban Dictionary, so the song was still wink-and-a-nod cute in the early Sixties; by five years later everybody would get the joke.


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        Thanks for your efforts, one and all.

        One more time - "Saves you the Jack" , IMHO, is not likely correct BECAUSE 1) the jingle has ALREADY mentioned "Not much Cash" and
        2) the obscure use of "jack" is not in character with the rest of the jazzy, otherwise easily understood, hip (not old fashioned for '62) jingle.

        The real explanation is out there........

        Using TV's Mythbuster rating system, "Saves you the Jack" is "Plausible".
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          Bob, You should know that "ayup" has always been a part of Vermont vernacular for natives. I guess you may be forgiven, being a Tory New Yorker and most probably a Yankee fan Bish
          Originally posted by Bob Andrews View Post
          Ayup. Fo shizzle.
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