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Met a new Studebaker owner today

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  • Met a new Studebaker owner today

    I had to push the Studebaker outside today to clear the lift for my daughters brand x.
    5 minutes after putting it outside a strange truck pulled in the drive. A nice young man (younger than me anyway) got out and introduced himself. He just got a '53 from his father in law, and is in the planning and parts gathering stage. We exchanged numbers, and I encouraged him to join the SDC and to check out the forum. His name is Phil, he's in upstate NY. Hopefully we'll see him here soon.
    Dwight 54 Commander hardtop

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    I just looked at his business card, it says Bill, not Phil.
    The old ears ain't what they used to be. Hope he didn't mind being called Phil!
    Dwight 54 Commander hardtop