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Waterbury,CT. meet ?

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  • Waterbury,CT. meet ?

    So I was'nt able to make it,but would like to here about it (and maybe some pics)
    Joseph R. Zeiger

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    Hey Joe! Sorry you couldn't make it. The weather held off nicely. The turn out was a bit small, but pretty good considering. I'll have some pictures up on Sunday or Monday.
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      I believe the final count was 57 cars, in spite of many inches of rain on Friday. The real Studebaker "drivers" made the trip in the downpour on Friday and enjoyed rain-free Saturday and Sunday. We all had lots of time to chat about cars, life, and the rest of the world. Jane and I drove our '65 Wagonaire about 140 miles each way. We made the return trip in beautiful, warm weather through the back roads of Connecticut and Rhode Island, and seeing villages and houses from the late 1600's through the mid-1800's, along with the modern stuff. Fall color is on its way, but still a couple of weeks out.

      The highlights for me were George Vassos' 1935 yellow roadster [appeared in "The Color Purple"], Frank Wenzel's 1933 "survivor" sedan, Bob Belling's 1962 E35-106 truck with turbocharged 4-53 engine [a former Asa Hall truck; sweet sound!], and a great Zip Van [Frank ???] with all the accessories. There were also bullet-nose sedans, a number of HAwks and Avantis, and a range of Lark-types. Frank Wenzel is making a 6-week long "grand tour" of the U.S. from Palm Springs, CA and trailering an incredibly well-preserved 1933 sedan. Frank said that he had sold the car on the trip and will drop it off on his way home. He also said he has a great replacement for it - but we'll let him tell the story later.
      Gary Ash
      Dartmouth, Mass.

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        Hey Gary, any pics of the '33? Love that Diesel and '35 roadster. I take it that the '35 isn't in the SNM anymore?

        My buddy Matt Frushour bought the '33 from Frank after I put the two of 'em together. I'll be going up to Matt's place in Kentucky in a couple of weeks to hang out when he takes delivery of it. Matt said that since I'm the one that put together the deal it's only fair that I take it for a spin. Should be fun! Look for a TW write up of driving a survivor '33 Commander Eight. I've offered to drag race Richard Quinn in his '31 President Coupe but so far he's refrained.

        And Frank's right. He does have a very cool replacement.
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